PropValAssist is a registered professional property valuation company, providing open market valuations and insurance assessments to private owners, business, financial and legal communities for all categories of property in and around Gauteng and other regions.

    Property can be discribed as a living asset which aims to offer capital appreciation and yield performance as a long term investment vehicle, although econoimical changes and demographical shifts as well as structural depreciation affects demand for space which has a direct impact on cash flow performance and market value over time.

    As registered professional valuers, our reports are geared to reflect accurate market trends at date of valuation (past or present) which enables our clients to make informed descisions whether to buy, hold or sell an asset.

    Since it is imperative that annual financials reflect the true value of an asset at year end, we offer accountants / auditors a "factual report" service at discounted rates (summary reports).

Your Complete Property Valuation Solution

  • Our panel of registered valuers provides cost effective, professional & unbiased reports
  • We assess all property types
  • Land, buildings and cash flows are analysed in detail
  • Income and expenditures are analysed / corrected to market norms
  • Our final product provides the reader with an informative open market valuation report
  • Registered and chartered surveyors (PVA, SAIV, SACPVP).

Report price options

  • Motivated reports (40% – 50% discount from the recommended S.A. Institute Tariff of valuation fees).
  • Factual reports (60% – 65% discount from the recommended S.A. Institute Tariff of valuation fees).
  • Replacement cost / Insurance assessment (basic time charge product)
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